MGT Defends Herself After Facing Backlash From Far-Right

MTG Distances Herself From Trump, Suggests She's Like DeSantis

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) rode former President Donald Trump’s wave into her congressional seat. She campaigned on a pro-MAGA platform and was a staunch ally of the 45th POTUS, even though she wasn’t elected until 2020.

After two tumultuous years in Congress, Greene, or MTG as some call her, tried to revamp her image. She grew close to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), going to bat for him when he took the leadership role. Now, she’s defending herself after being attacked by the most conservative members of her party.

Greene Faces Backlash

The debt ceiling deal angered many of the far-right Conservatives in Congress. In fact, they revolted when it came time to vote on the package, leaving Democrats to get it over the finish line. In the end, 165 Democrats and just 149 Republicans voted to move it through the House to the Senate.

When Greene was asked how she felt about the deal, she was caught on video saying that she wished Republicans could have added more to the bill but said, “I live in reality, not conservative fantasy land.” She went on to say that the reality is Conservatives “barely control” half of the House, which is just one-third of the entire federal government. She appeared to slam her far-right colleagues by saying those who “understand how to be successful” supported the legislation.

Steve Bannon, a former member of Trump’s White House, is furious over Greene’s move to the center. He called for Republicans to primary her in the next election. Laura Loomer, a failed Florida congressional candidate, told The Daily Beast that Conservatives in Georgia are trying to find someone to run against the congresswoman. She also said that Greene caused her to lose a job when she called her “crazy” once, and now she is following Trump’s “eye for an eye” position.

Greene Pushes Back

On June 2, The Daily Beast obtained text messages between Greene and her friend, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). In one long message, the congresswoman said that her voting record is almost “identical” to GOP Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s, and he is one of the most fiscally conservative members of Congress.

Greene went on to attack Bannon, saying he’s “no where [sic] near fiscally responsible” and slamming him for the “We Build the Wall” scheme that Trump pardoned him for, and that landed his co-conspirators in federal prison. Bannon is currently facing state charges for the scheme that bilked supporters out of tens of millions.

Greene said she donated her own money to the campaign because she was “naive.” She went on to say she wasn’t “getting back together” with Bannon, “[a]nd if he keeps it up, I’ll take the house and kids.”

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