Michigan GOP Canvassers Rescind Certification Vote Claiming They Were Bullied

Michigan GOP Canvassers Rescind Certification Vote Claiming They Were Bullied

(UnitedVoice.com) – America’s most contentious election in decades continues to be intense as election officials across the country move to certify election results. In Michigan’s largest county, irregularities led to enough questions that two GOP members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers initially refused to certify election results. That reportedly led to extreme bullying and threats.

Joe Biden won Wayne County, home to the City of Detroit, by a 2 to 1 margin. The city is a Democratic stronghold. According to unofficial results, Biden is ahead of Trump by 146,000 votes in the state.

Republican canvassers Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann initially voted to certify the election despite their concerns after being threatened by Democrats on a routine zoom call. In an affidavit signed on Wednesday, November 18, Palmer and Hartmann said they were bullied into certifying the results and have since rescinded their votes.

Precinct Discrepancies Put the Election in Question

The astonishing turnaround throws the Wayne County election into question and could bring about a legal confrontation. Both GOP board members expressed concerns about discrepancies in nearly three-quarters of Detroit’s precincts. Each ballot is supposed to be matched to qualified voters. However, there are so many discrepancies that Palmer and Hartmann, in good conscience, wouldn’t vote to certify the results.

According to a canvass report from the board’s staff, discrepancies were found between the number of ballots cast and the number of ballots counted in the City of Detroit. When this happens, precincts are bound to account for and explain the gaps. In this case, precincts did not do that. Detroit had 503 precincts open on election day, of which 85 had unexplained discrepancies. Additionally, 94 of the 134 absent voter counting boards shared the same issue.

Public Comments Turn to Bullying

After voting against certifying the vote, Palmer suggested they certify precincts that had no discrepancies. During public comments, Democrats accused the two GOP board members of being racist for wanting to exclude Detroit, which is 80% black. Others accused them of corruption and disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of black voters. In addition to the charges of racism, Palmer said her family was also threatened.

The bullying carried on for nearly two hours.

At one point, Democratic Vice Chair of Board Jonathan Kinloch said he would ask the state to perform an audit. That won over Palmer and Hartmann. However, Norm Shinkle, one of four board members on the State Board of Canvassers, said transparency was lacking. He rated the level of transparency at 1 on a scale of 10 in predicting whether the state board would honor an audit request.

As a result, Palmer and Hartmann rescinded their votes and signed the affidavit. It’s not clear if their votes were binding because they were cast during a public meeting per the law. It’s also unclear if the change per the affidavit will prohibit Michigan from naming electors to the Electoral College.

Palmer Files Reports

Palmer alleges that she and her family received multiple threats and filed reports with the local police and the FBI. The Michigan Attorney General said if anyone engaged in criminal activity, they would face prosecution.

Numerous conservative organizations, including the Trump campaign, praised Palmer and Hartmann for their courage in demanding answers from election officials in the face of bullying and threats.

There is likely more to come as the election is contested in Michigan and around the country.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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