Michigan Uses CARES Funding to Violate Voter Rights

Michigan Uses CARES Funding to Violate Voter Rights

(UnitedVoice.com) – With regularly-scheduled protests of the governor’s response to COVID-19 in Michigan — she even ignored her own legislature — it’s clear the people of the state aren’t happy. Now, Michigan Secretary of State, Joycelyn Benson, has only made things worse. She not only used CARES funding to violate voter rights, but she’s bragging about it as well.

The Michigan Constitution states that voters can vote by mail. In recent years, it was even amended to reflect that they don’t need to explain why they want an application for a mail-in ballot, and those ballots need to be made readily available to them, upon request.

In 2008, in Macomb Circuit Court, a case was tried in which the courts specifically clarified that no Michigan clerk has the right to mail out applications for mail-in ballots unless they were expressly asked to do so by the voter. The applications must be accessible to voters, who may request them verbally or by mail.

While Benson asserts she’s looking out for the health of voters, the comments on her tweet reflect what many citizens of Michigan have been saying all along. They prefer to look out for their own health rather than face oppression or voter manipulation.

President Trump has noted the behavior and threatened to withhold future funding to the northern state.

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