Mid East Leaders Sign Peace Deals at White House

Mid East Leaders Sign Peace Deals at White House

(UnitedVoice.com) – Israel has long been a target of animosity in the Middle East. Many of the nations didn’t even recognize the Jewish-state as a legitimate country and fueled the hatred directed toward it. President Donald Trump, however, is changing all that.

On August 13, the White House announced the president had brokered a deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel. The countries agreed to sit down and work out a number of bilateral agreements that’ll normalize their relations. A couple of weeks later, a similar arrangement was made with Bahrain.

During a White House ceremony on September 15, leaders from Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE joined President Trump to sign the Abraham Accords.

This is, quite possibly, the biggest foreign policy achievement in the region since President Bill Clinton signed a similar deal with Egypt, Jordan, and Israel in 1994. President Trump called the signing “the dawn of a new Middle East.” If the countries all honor their agreements, the commander-in-chief is right, it could be the beginning of a new and more peaceful era.

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