Mike Pence Caught in Classified Documents Scandal

Mike Pence Lied About the Classified Documents

(UnitedVoice.com) – The issue of how former government officials handle classified documents has been front and center in the news in recent months. Both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are being investigated for their handling of materials. Now, former Vice President Mike Pence is under fire too — and his own words are coming back to haunt him.

A lawyer for Pence reportedly found classified documents in his Indiana home. The Republican then gave the FBI permission to go to his house and collect the material on January 19. Greg Jacob, a representative who handles Pence’s vice presidential records, told The Washington Post that he was taking boxes of records, including the ones where the classified info was found, and delivering them to the National Archives.

Ordinarily, the news might not receive a lot of attention. But it comes as Trump and Biden are already facing scrutiny and just months after Pence emphatically stated he didn’t take any classified documents from the White House during his time as VP.

In August, after Trump’s house was searched, the Associated Press asked Pence if he ever took classified material when he left office. He responded, “No, not to my knowledge.”

Then, in November, ABC’s David Muir sat down with the former VP for an interview and asked him if he took classified material with him. “I did not,” Pence told the journalist.

With the discovery of the classified documents, some have called Pence a liar. However, it could be that a member of his staff packed the boxes and wasn’t aware of what they were putting in it. Either way, it wasn’t the proper way to handle the country’s most sensitive material. Certainly the news isn’t a great look for Pence, especially when there’s speculation that he might want to run for president.

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