Military Launches New Strategy

Military Launches New Strategy

( – COVID-19 is causing problems for almost every industry in the US. It’s also hurting military recruitment. Now, branches are deploying a new strategy to capture the attention of potential enlistees.

According to a May 14 report by Stars and Stripes, military recruiters are turning to digital methods to attract new soldiers. US Army Staff Sgt. Riley Krebsbach uses social media to find recruits. When he finds someone who’s interested, he interviews them through a video conference.

The Army’s official Twitter account is even getting in on it.

Although it’s terrific the military’s trying to adapt, digital recruitment is not as effective as traditional in-person tactics. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Kevin Meyer told Fox News the new strategies are difficult because prospects “usually won’t run away” if they’re speaking face-to-face.

Unfortunately, social-distancing guidelines make those vital in-person conversations impossible for now. The personnel director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen. Lenny Richoux, said it’ll make it difficult for them to “have the numbers of people” they need. For now, they’re doing their best to adapt and overcome until the country returns to some kind of normalcy.

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