Mind-Controlled – New SYSTEM Has Scientists In Shock!

Mind-Controlled Wheelchairs Stun Researchers

Mind-Controlled Wheelchairs Stun Researchers

(UnitedVoice.com) – People who suffer from ALS slowly lose control of their muscles as the disease progresses. Individuals paralyzed by illnesses or accidents must rely on another person to get them everywhere, impacting their autonomy. That could soon change.

Researchers recently conducted a study to show the mutual learning process between tetraplegic patients — those who can’t move their upper and lower bodies — and a brain-machine interface (BMI). On November 18, the scientists published the findings in the iScience, and they were quite impressive. Researchers found that paralyzed patients could learn to use brain waves to move wheelchairs.

The researchers taught three participants to drive the chairs in cluttered environments. They underwent the training sessions three times a week for up to five months.

Those involved in the study told the participants to think about moving different parts of their bodies, like using both feet to turn right. Through that process, they were able to navigate the chairs.

ScitechDaily reported one of the study’s authors, José del R. Millán, said the ”research highlights a potential pathway for improved clinical translation of non-invasive brain-machine interface technology.” Ultimately, the technology could be a game-changer for people whose bodies are failing them but whose minds are sharp.

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