Minneapolis Moves to Ban Chokehold

Minneapolis Moves To Ban Chokehold

(UnitedVoice.com) – On May 25, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. We’ve seen the video and we were appalled. Now the city is responding to the death by cracking down on restraint measures used by police during arrests. This includes a new ban on chokeholds, which place direct pressure on the carotid artery in the neck. The new rules went into effect Friday, June 5th.

Responses to the news have been mixed. Some people believe the change is unrealistic and stands to put officers at risk while trying to put an end to the crisis. Others — including Gail Carr, mother of Eric Garner, have been pushing for it for years.

Eric Garner died several years ago during an arrest that unfolded similarly to the arrest of George Floyd. This happened amidst protesters against the same police tactic.

At face value, this sounds like a very respectful action. But it has very dangerous implications and may be akin to a slippery slope. What other maneuvers, tactics, weapons, or tools could officials decide to ban in the future? The more limits and restrictions America puts on law enforcement, the fewer tools they have available in dangerous situations for them and civilians.

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