MIT Study Reveals Mindblowing True Count of Illegals in the US

MIT Study Reveals Mindblowing True Count of Illegals in the US
MIT Study Reveals Mindblowing True Count of Illegals in the US

Our great country needs protection more than ever before. You won’t believe what we have to share with you today – or, maybe you will, because like many of us, you’ve suspected it for some time. A new Yale and MIT study reveals that previously estimated undocumented immigrant numbers of 11 million were way off base. That number is really closer to 22 million instead!!

Key Facts

• Before anyone throws up cries of unfairness or bias, here’s something you should know. The study was spearheaded by Mohammad M. Fazel-Zarandi, who is himself of foreign descent. He’s a researcher for both Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
• You might be wondering how he came to such a dramatically different number. Haven’t others studied this exact situation in the past? It turns out they have, but they missed a critical and simple point.
• Fazel-Zarandi did something so blindingly simple that it’s difficult to understand how anyone else hadn’t thought of it in the past. He compared inflows and outflows, then weighed it against our most reliable demographic data. That’s it. How did others mess this up?!
• Here’s where things get officially scary. The data reflects a spectrum rather than 22 million specifically — 16.5 million at the low end and 29.1 million at the high end. That’s still remarkably higher than anyone else’s data in the last few decades, which means we have a significant portion of citizens who aren’t even supposed to be here in the first place.
• Co-author Edward Kaplan broke down the data further in a way that’s much easier to understand. “We combined these data using a demographic model that follows a very simple logic,” he explained. “The population today is equal to the initial population plus everyone who came in minus everyone who went out. It’s that simple.”
• As for why anyone else didn’t reach the same numbers, it turns out other methods have been problematic from the start. Jonathan Feinstein, who also co-wrote the study, says that older numbers were “based on one very specific survey.” He also feels the older approach had significant “difficulties.”
• This new information proves that we still have a long way to go, despite that Pew Research claimed last year. Originally, they stated that numbers have dropped to the lowest in years – 11 million from 12 million the previous year.
• But the new information isn’t a sign that immigration is on the rise, either. Instead, it indicates the fact that we’ve been getting the numbers wrong for what may be decades into the past. Truthfully, it looks like that border wall is more important than it ever was.