Moms of Dead Sons: BLM Profited Off Their Grief

Moms of Dead Sons: BLM Profited Off Their Grief

( – Several Black mothers are making serious accusations in the wake of multi-million dollar financial purchases by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder and executive director. In 2013, BLM was founded after Trayvon Martin’s accused vigilante/killer was acquitted of murder in a jury trial. Since then, the activist group and controversy have grown steadily across the country.

In May 2020, the aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in police custody propelled the activist organization into the national scene. In 2020, BLM raised $90 million in donations from corporations and individuals. Instead of the money going to compensate victims or help communities, significant amounts of money seemingly went as gain for BLM leaders. The revelations are not sitting well with numerous Black mothers who allege police incidents killed their children, and they are speaking out loudly that BLM is a sham.

BLM Executive Director Goes on Real Estate Buying Binge

BLM co-founder and executive director Patrisse Khan-Cullors recently went on a massive spending spree. Cullors has announced she’s stepping down after controversy struck in the media. Many are wondering where the self-proclaimed Marxist got $3.2 million to buy luxury homes across the US. In March, Cullors purchased a $1.4 million home. As a result, independent BLM Greater New York City called for an investigation to determine how the activist group spends the money it raises supposedly to help Black communities.

It appears it’s a legitimate issue as mothers of sons who died during police encounters say the group never provided financial help despite the organization’s promises. They are openly questioning BLM’s credibility and integrity.

Mothers Raise Serious Questions

Pain-stricken mothers are accusing the BLM organization and leaders of profiting from their sons’ deaths. Samaria Rice lost her 12-year old son, Tamir, when a police officer shot him while he brandished a realistic-looking toy gun. Lisa Simpson also lost a son, Richard Risher, and joined Rice to blast BLM and Cullors. The two accused the organization of raising money off their son’s names and images “and giving us nothing in return.” BLM’s Los Angeles chapter raised $5,000 for Simpon’s son’s funeral. Simpson said she never received any money.

Rice and Simpson said their communities don’t need BLM coming into their cities and raising money, their profiles, and earning movie deals off their dead loved ones, and they aren’t alone.

Breonna Taylor was a high-profile case in 2020. Her mother, Tamika Palmer, said on an April 14 Facebook post that BLM was a fraud. Facebook removed the post.

As the voices grow louder, will the organization open its books to clear the air and demonstrate its legitimacy? Considering the vast number of corporate and individual donations, it should. For her part, Cullors claims the calls into her behavior are nothing more than right-wing propaganda.

How will she answer the concerns of grief-stricken mothers who are most certainly not right-wing critics?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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