Monopoly Socialism: Not Suitable for Weak Minded Leftists

It’s finally here! Hasbro has created a board game called Monopoly: Socialism so that even the Progressive Liberals lurking in the halls of the Capitol building can learn about the evils of that system of government.


As we all know, Monopoly is a fairly complex game and if this version follows the pattern, it might be beyond their intellectual grasp. However, it would be well worth the expense to put several copies in the Democrat Congressional Cloakroom.

The Premise

First, a quick recap of what Socialism is. Karl Marx summed up this system with a single statement: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” It’s a nice fantasy but it doesn’t account for one thing, the penchant humans have for riches. Liberal politicians are more than willing to take “from each” of their proletariat but fall flat on the “to each” part.

The tagline for the game, “Winning Is for Capitalists,” does a great job in two areas. First, it clearly tells you the theme of the game. Second, it’s the simple truth. Like the original version, players roll the dice and move their token around the board. The tokens themselves, however, are a nod to the outdated notion of the Socialistic model with such items as a typewriter, a phonograph, and an old TV set. Or, as the New York Post describes them, McCarthy-era tech.


The bruhaha started when an (apparently alt-Left) associate professor of history at Rutgers University by the name of Nick Kapur launched a Twitter-rant to his Selena Gomez-like number of 18.1 million, umm…sorry about that, 18.1 thousand followers that somehow went viral.

However, it does give some of the best descriptions of the cards and spaces that make up the game that can be found.

Notable changes include a “$50 living wage” stipend for passing go instead of the famous $200. Also, there is a “Community Fund” with an insatiable hunger that players are obligated to feed so it can pay out for projects like tree-planting ceremonies.

Well Deserved Disparagement

A game about Socialism wouldn’t be any fun, or a good learning experience, without a healthy dose of ridicule. After all, the evidence of governing a country this way points to economic disaster and tyranny. The two shining examples? The former Soviet Union and Venezuela. Or any country that starts with the “Peoples’ Republic of,” when you get right down to it.

This is why game components like the “We’re All Winners School” and the light blue space “No-Tip Vegan Restaurant” are so poignant. For as anybody who has been paying attention knows, competition and meat are evils that must be stamped out post-haste.

Wrapping It Up

It’s become glaringly obvious that the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has caused a meltdown of the political-left on the scale of Chernobyl and Fukushima, to the point that their voter base is willing to chuck freedom out the window in favor of a totalitarian government. It seems the dumbing-down of America, which took a dramatic surge under LBJ, has borne fruit in the 21st-century. Fortunately, some public figures, like Ted Cruz, are willing to call them out on it.

Maybe we haven’t reached the point where the avalanche of asininity that has come from the looney-left has reached the irresistible force level yet. Perhaps a strong enough pushback can stop these dimwits from dragging America onto the dung heap of historic failures. We can certainly hope so.

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