More Charges for Democratic Lawmaker Revealed

More Charges for Democratic Lawmaker Revealed

( – In late June, a Rhode Island state senator was arrested for allegedly vandalizing a vehicle because a conservative bumper sticker offended him. He tried to lie his way out of it, but was tripped up by the evidence. Now, he could face more charges for attempting to deceive cops.

On June 22, a couple were returning to their car outside the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island, when they heard a “loud scratching sound.” Upon reaching their vehicle, which carried a “Joe Biden Sucks” bumper sticker, they noticed a long scratch on the door — and a man standing nearby with keys in his hand.

The owner asked the man if he’d keyed the car, but he denied it and walked away. At that point, the angry owner noticed the truck parked next to his car had a “Re-Elect Josh Miller” sticker on it. He then looked up Miller online and recognized him as the man with the keys. Next, he called the police to report the crime. Two hours later, the police found Miller, who again denied causing the damage. He then accused the car owner of threatening and targeting him because of his support for gun control. Cops called the victim back to the scene, and he confirmed Miller was the man he’d seen with keys in his hand, but with no other evidence to go on, the police released the senator.

That wasn’t the end of the story, though. The Cranston Police Department reviewed surveillance video of the parking lot — and it showed Miller vandalizing the victim’s car. At that point, authorities arrested him on a misdemeanor vandalism charge. Now, police colonel Michael Winquist says the city solicitor is considering charging the legislator with obstruction of justice on top of the original offense. Meanwhile, Joe Powers, the chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Party, is calling on Miller to resign.

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