More Failure in Coronavirus Projections

More Failure in Coronavirus Projections

( – As Americans, we all turn to experts for clarity when disasters, tragedies, and pandemics break out. But what do you do when the experts are wrong?

New York recently saw over 360,000 cases of COVID-19. But what’s really frightening is the fact that this high caseload translated into almost 20,000 deaths. People want answers — especially after Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed projections were wrong.

Cuomo clarified that “we all failed” in addressing the projections. He also stated he has no idea when New York will reach the 14-day decline in deaths and cases. This milestone is critical to the gradual reopening of the state.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) recently came out with projections showcasing the expected coronavirus fallout. A document released on May 6 predicted that by August 4th, there would be over 134,000 deaths in the United States. As of May 26th, 2020, official reports reflected nearly 100,000 fatalities.

The CDC recently posted a map of coronavirus case totals by state to Twitter:

However, many users debated the numbers in the comments, calling them inflated or attributing them to “recovered” cases. Is it possible that these statistics and projections are wrong, too? Only time will tell — but so far, the CDC’s track record for accuracy isn’t good.

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