More Troops Heading to the Border, LAPD Helping Illegal Immigrants, and Texas’ New Right to Life Bill

More Troops Heading to the Border, LAPD Helping Illegal Immigrants, and Texas’ New Right to Life Bill

Pentagon Sending More Troops to the Border

The border is finally becoming more secure thanks to Trump. 2100 additional troops are making their way down south: 1,000 from the National Guard and 1,100 active-duty troops. That’s almost 50 percent additional manpower to prevent illegals from flooding our country!

Their priorities are to secure key entry points and assist with the overflowing ICE detention facilities.

Tensions Rising Between ICE and LAPD

While the Trump administration is trying hard to protect our country by sending additional troops to the border, Los Angeles is doing the exact opposite.

Police Chief Michel Moore and Mayor Eric Garcetti informed city residents last week that they don’t have to open doors for ICE agents without a warrant. The city officials released this info through a video, ensuring that their beloved illegal immigrants understood the message. It’s incredible how backwards LA’s priorities are.

The video was made less than a week after 22 MS-13 gang members (19 of which are illegal immigrants) were arrested for a variety of charges. Murder was but one of the charges held against them. When will California start caring more for its citizens than appeasing their Democrat overlords?

Texas Governor Signs New Right to Life Bill

Texas continues to defend all life, especially the innocent. Governor Greg Abbott signed the Born Alive Act on Thursday, which guarantees that any baby born during a botched abortion must receive life-saving treatment. These babies would have been left to die otherwise.

Similar versions of this bill has been introduced to congress and rejected by Dems more than 70. It’s about time that states start addressing this issue themselves and guarantee that all babies have a right to live. That can only happen with Trump winning re-election in 2020.

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