Mortgages Frozen: Rents Still Due

Mortgages Frozen: Rents Still Due

( – For many hard working Americans, rent will be due on the first of April and the majority of those renters haven’t been working. So, the big question on their mind is — how will I pay rent?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin said the IRS would start issuing stimulus payments three weeks after President Trump signed the $2.2 trillion dollar stimulus deal into law.

While measures to stop evictions and foreclosures have been put in place in each state, it doesn’t exempt tenants from having to pay rent. That’s a real problem for many across America who aren’t making any money.

So, renters have taken matters into their own hands and started a movement called “US Rent Strike 2020.” Rent strikes have been popping up all across the world and now, people are starting to join the movement here in the US.

A thread on Reddit called “DemocraticSocialism” is petitioning for governors in each state to suspend the collection of rent, mortgage payments, and all utilities for at least 2 months.

Even New York Senator Michael Gianaris tweeted in support of suspending rent for 90 days.

The group is saying if they’re not working and being paid, their landlords shouldn’t either. Unfortunately for everyone, if the stimulus bill timeline is followed, no one’s going to get any financial relief any time soon.

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