Most Controversial Christmas Issues of 2018

Most Controversial Christmas Issues of 2018
Most Controversial Christmas Issues of 2018

Christmas 2018 isn’t even here yet, but there’s plenty of controversy in the news this week. From songs that allegedly push the Left’s idea of, “rape culture,” to the First Lady choosing red, berry-lined trees in the hallways of the White House, it seems like true Christmas spirit is anywhere but online this year. Here’s a few of the worst offending issues we’re seeing (and why they’re pretty ridiculous, too).
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
For decades, the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” movie made in 1964 was a yearly Christmas must-see. It tells the tale of a little reindeer who gets picked on for his bright, red nose. Sure, it’s a bit sad – after all, it’s not nice to make fun of people’s appearances, really – but the story turns around close to the end. Rudolph’s friends apologize and the true meaning of Christmas makes them realize what they were doing wrong in the first place.
Unfortunately, that isn’t what the Left saw when they watched it. We aren’t sure whether they never bothered finishing it out until the end, but they’re suggesting it should be taken off the air because it glorifies bullying. Oh, and apparently is racist, too, and homophobic and bigoted. Why? Because Rudolph’s girlfriend’s father refuses to allow her to see the little reindeer.
Folks, some of these controversies are rooted in a grain of truth. This one… well, this one is just plain false. According to this logic, we should toss out every single Christmas story with a moral behind it – including the story of Jesus Christ himself.
New Hampshire High School Students Sing Pro-KKK Song
This one just might actually be a bit controversial. It appears that students at a New Hampshire high school made up their own version of, “Jingle Bells,” this year, and it certainly was more than a little offensive. Instead of chiming in with the traditional words, they changed them to a pro-KKK tune during an assignment in history class.
Superintendent William Harbron spoke out about the incident shortly after it hit the news. “They were given an assignment to select some event during reconstruction and to make a jingle out of it,” he said, adding that they were told to choose a viable topic from post-WWII era America.
Their choice? The Klu Klux Klan – relevant, but probably fairly inappropriate given that other students sung along and laughed at the lyrics.
Habron clarified that the school board is investigating, but even this isn’t a clear controversy. At worst, it’s in poor taste and the teacher should have known better. The school made a statement on Facebook and promptly suspended the teacher involved.
“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Gets Banned
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – most of us know it as one of the most timeless songs for Christmas lovers. It tells the tale of a girl visiting her sweetheart on a snowy night near Christmas, a common scene back in 1944 when it was written. That situation remains pretty darn common for couples even today.
The Left’s issue with this song is one of consent. They claim that because the song features the man consistently trying to convince the woman to stay when she keeps trying to go home, it’s “rape culture” fodder.”
The truth is that in the era the song was written, a woman’s reputation could be ruined by staying out late and alone with a man… unless leaving would be rude. Throughout the song, the woman continues to say that she really has to leave, but he keeps imploring her to stay and plying her with drinks. They both know the rules of society and understand that they need to be able to say this conversation happened in order to spare her reputation but still allow them time alone together.
Would this song go over well if written today? Strangely, with rap songs continuously referring to women as anything but women, and sexual lyrics being the norm rather than shocking, probably not. #MeToo attacks aimed at the rape culture seem primarily rooted in erasing past societal norms rather than dealing with the current one. That’s no reason to evict a Christmas classic that was never written to be malicious in the first place.
Melania’s Blood-Red Christmas Trees
The US’s colors are simple: red, white, and blue. Christmas also just happens to be traditionally represented by the color red, as does the blood of Jesus Christ. Thus, it made sense to many people when Melania chose bright red, berry-lined trees for the White House’s hallways.
Except that wasn’t how the Left saw it, of course. Instead of appreciating the thought put into the choice and everything it represents, they called it garish and disgusting. At least one poster said they felt the trees looked cheap, while another said they looked like ground organ meat. Still others photoshopped Handmaid’s Tale bonnets into the trees and openly made fun of the First Lady online.
Were Melania’s trees different? Sure. Do anyone have to like them? No – everyone is entitled to their opinion and to decorate the home they live in as they see fit. That’s the beauty of living in America today. However, we’re fairly certain that there are plenty of American homes with far less tasteful Christmas decorations than the First Lady’s and this is just another excuse for Trump-haters to launch an attack against our beloved First Lady.