Most Infamous Presidential Pardons Ever!

Most Infamous Presidential Pardons Ever!
Most Infamous Presidential Pardons Ever!

While the political Left is aghast and horrified at Pres. Donald J. Trump’s recent pardon of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Lawman pales in comparison to some of the more infamous personalities that were handed a get out of jail free card. Here’s a list of some of the more outrageous presidential pardons.

Jimmy Hoffa

The most infamous Teamster boss in history dodged criminal charges for years, despite Congressional investigations into how he built and maintained his labor union empire.
When Pres. John F. Kennedy took office, he made his younger, Robert F. Kennedy, attorney general and they went after him with the so-called “Get Hoffa” squad. Apparently, the bootlegging Kennedys disliked unions. Hoffa eventually fell to bribery of a grand jury and fraud charges. He sat in stir until Kennedy’s rival, Richard Nixon, pardoned him in a political move that reportedly included the unions backing Tricky Dick.

Pres. Richard Nixon

Hoffa makes a natural segue to “Tricky Dick,” who received a very unpopular pardon from successor Pres. Gerald Ford. Nixon had resigned from the presidency in the wake of impeachment charges in 1974. Five of Nixon’s CREEP squad (Committee to Re-elect the President) got busted breaking into the DNC headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. Pres. Nixon was never formerly charged with the burglary, but he faced Articles of Impeachment for obstruction of justice. He wouldn’t hand over tapes. Many believe the pardon cost Pres. Ford his re-election bid. He lost to Jimmy Carter.

NY Yankees Owner, George Steinbrenner

The New York Yankees owner pled guilty to 14 counts of obstruction of justice and making illegal campaign contributions to… wait for it …Richard Nixon. Steinbrenner, like Hoffa, was let off the hook by another Republican president, Ronald Reagan, and was a known GOP backer. Talk about a tangled web!

Patty Hearst

At 19 years old, this woman walks into a bank with a loaded assault rifle and robs it in the name of the Symbionese Liberation Army. At trial, the lawyers hired by her wealthy publishing grandfather, William Randolph Hearst, argued she was kidnapped and forced to participate by the urban guerillas. The jury didn’t buy it and she got slapped with seven years in prison. Pres. Jimmy Carter broke her out after two years. Pres. Carter also pardoned all the Vietnam Draft Dodgers in 1977 as well.

Chelsea Manning

Just before leaving office, Pres. Barack Obama commuted the 35-year conviction for violations of the Espionage Act. Basically, Manning helped America’s enemies by leaking Top Secret information to sources such as WikiLeaks. Pres. Obama, citing the unusually harsh conditions the gender-transitioning traitor was suffering, erased all but four months of the ex-soldier’s sentence. That basically meant Manning would be released after Obama left office. Adding fuel to the fire, American taxpayers are footing the bill for Manning’s sex change transition. Talk about insult to injury. In all fairness to Pres. Obama, he mostly only pardoned convicted drug dealers and put them back on the street.

Did Clinton Barter a Pardon?

All told, Pres. Bill Clinton handed out nearly 400 pardons during his two terms. A head scratcher at the time, he pardoned Marc Rich, who was hiding as a fugitive in Switzerland from 51 counts and $48 million in tax evasion. It all makes sense to Americans these days though. Rich’s wife made big campaign contributions and donations to the Clinton Presidential Library. Given the barrage of pay-to-play allegations leveled against Hillary, you be the judge.

The FALN Bombers

In 1999, Pres. Bill Clinton pardoned the 16 members of Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional who detonated 120 bombs in the United States. They had been convicted of conspiracy, bomb-making and sedition. The group is considered responsible for at least six deaths and numerous maimings, which included police. The move was openly opposed by the U.S. Attorney General, FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Hillary Clinton supported FALN until it became politically incorrect to do so. The Fraternal Order of Police apparently have more votes than the terror group. Congress condemned Pres. Clinton’s action in 95-2 and 311-41 votes. Some FALN member were serving sentences of up to 90 years.
Perhaps the sky is falling antics by Dems and left-leaning media sources over the Sheriff Arpaio pardon should be taken with a grain of salt. The 85-year-old ex-lawman was only facing six months.

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