Most of Europe Has Banned Russian Flights in Their Airspace

Most of Europe Has Banned Russian Flights in Their Airspace

( – When Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine and began advancing toward its capital, world leaders immediately began issuing sanctions. These measures didn’t just target the Russian financial system, the airline industry was hit as well.

As of Monday, 36 countries, including all 27 members of the European Union and the United Kingdom, announced planes belonging to the aggressive nation were no longer allowed to pass through their airspace. On Sunday, a flight departed Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and was scheduled to land at JFK Airport in NYC, but the plane had to make a u-turn hours in because of the bans on Russian flights.

European countries are attempting to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin into ending his invasion of Ukraine by making his country an international pariah. For the Russian people and foreigners who are in the eastern European nation, that means longer flight times and will likely result in higher ticket prices. The extended routes mean the planes will use more fuel at a time when the war has already increased energy prices.

The airspace bans prompted the US Embassy in Russia to issue a travel advisory to Americans telling them to leave the country while it’s still possible.

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