Mother Attacks Her Sons Over War in Ukraine, 1 Dead

Mother Attacks Her Sons Over War in Ukraine, 1 Dead

( – The Ukraine-Russian war has taken a toll on millions of people around the world. In Wisconsin, a grieving husband says his wife, who was born in Russia, was so distraught when the war began, she had a breakdown. Unfortunately, his children suffered the consequences of her emotional state.

On March 29, 41-year-old Natalia Aleksandrovna Hitchcock allegedly told her 11-year-old son, Eric, to put his head in the water in the bathtub to see how long he could hold his breath. He told authorities he felt his mom’s hands on the back of his head, holding him under the water. Fortunately, he was strong enough to get away and when she grabbed a kitchen knife, his screams made her put it away. Sadly, the next day, the child’s brother, Oliver, age 8, wasn’t so lucky.

Hitchcock allegedly choked her youngest son to death. TMJ-4 Milwaukee reports she then attacked her husband before she stabbed herself in the chest.

According to the Washington Post, her husband told authorities his wife’s mental state took a turn for the worst after the war began. He claims she became paranoid that the Russian government was going to steal her children. She reportedly began hearing voices, drinking heavily, and becoming violent. It all came to a head on March 30.

A judge has set her bail at $1 million.

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