Mother Files Complaint Against School for Forced Segregation

Mother Files Complaint Against School for Forced Segregation

( – The 1964 Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education ruling ended racial segregation in US public schools. The ruling allowed minority and White students to attend school together. Why is a principal bucking that ruling 57 years later?

An Atlanta mother filed a civil rights lawsuit against Mary Lin Elementary School for segregating classes. According to Kila Posey, the mom of two Black children, the principal, Sharyn Briscoe, who is also Black, assigned all of the Black kids to two classrooms. The lawsuit alleges the principal created the classes based on the children’s race.

Posey says parents didn’t consent to the classes and claims the principal “unilaterally decided what was in the best interests of the Black students.” She said she was shocked to learn the Black principal did something like that. The angry mom confronted Briscoe about the segregation, and the principal allegedly admitted to it, saying her daughter would be “isolated” if she were in one of the White classes.

The Atlanta Public Schools district said they investigated the mother’s claims but didn’t release its findings. They did say they don’t condone racial segregation.

The complaint also alleges the principal tried to retaliate against Posey and her husband by attempting to punish her business, which works with the school. Posey wants the principal and her leadership team to lose their jobs.

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