Move Over Bud Light, a New Boycott is Here

Move Over Bud Light, a New Boycott is Here

( – Bud Light ignited a conservative firestorm in April when they sent personalized beer cans to a transgender social media star. Critics accused the beer company of spreading the gay agenda and becoming woke. Another company is now being boycotted.

On August 31, Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Zyahna Bryant announced she was partnering with Dove to promote “fat liberation.” The 22-year-old said she believes everyone “should be centering the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times.” It’s not unusual for companies to find brand ambassadors in all communities in the hopes of selling their products to more people. The message from Dove isn’t the problem, either. Many people took issue with the company choosing Bryant to promote the brand because of an incident she was involved in a few years ago.

In 2020, Bryant accused fellow University of Virginia (UVA) student Morgan Bettinger of saying a group of BLM protesters would “make good speedbumps.” Bettinger denied ever making those remarks. She said she was having a conversation with a truck driver who was blocking the road to protect the protesters, and what she said was something along the lines of: “It’s a good thing that you are here because otherwise, these people would have been speed bumps.”

Bryant’s allegations led to a social media campaign smearing Bettinger, which involved people calling for her expulsion from school. A subsequent investigation by the university determined there was “insufficient evidence” to prove Bryant’s allegations.

The probe found it was likely the BLM activist never heard the student make the comment at all. Still, UVA punished Bettinger and sanctioned her. Bryant reportedly later admitted she might have “misheard” her schoolmate.

Bettinger is now suing the university.

There’s now a push on social media to boycott Dove. Elon Musk called the decision to make the activist a brand ambassador “messed up.”

One X user tagged the company and told them she was switching to another brand because she wouldn’t support someone who ruined another’s life.

Bryant has also called for the defunding and abolition of police departments.

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