Mr. Trump: A Lot of People are Going to Die Today

Donald Trump supporter holds sign
Donald Trump supporter holds sign

Yes, people are going to die today, tomorrow, the next day… and so on. Some of them will die of unnatural causes, by the hands of “murderous thugs,” and as many believe, will be killed by the likes of Vladimir Putin — and perhaps, if necessary, by our next President Elect Donald Trump.

Woah, what do you mean?

That’s right, if necessary. We can only hope that Mr. Trump is “capable” of being every bit the murderous thug as Putin, his Russian counterpart.

Seriously though, what do you mean?

That’s right, if necessary. That’s an example of the mindset it takes to do the job for the people. Insane you think? Folks, power is power. It can be used for good and evil. The problem with “good” people is they misuse the labels good and bad like black and white. They don’t understand true power. They don’t understand that to do big important things, “someone” must do whatever it takes, which will include some “bad.” Recall that President Harry Truman dropped the A bombs on Japan, killing thousands to save hundreds of thousands. To do really good things, you must have the stomach to endure, if not personally carry out, unthinkable acts for the lesser of evils to prevail. It’s a case where the end justifies the means, which may be necessary in extreme times, but which is contrary to most people’s beliefs.

Really think you can spot a case where both good and evil are in play at the same time?

Here’s a scenario that might make you think:
Picture a very scary, semi-reformed, ex-criminal, with military training and extensive combat experience who, on paper and by the looks of him, appears to be a murderous-thug. His former targets were very bad people. In his day, he’s dispatched many bad men and a few good ones, too — who he’ll be the first to admit, didn’t deserve it. Truth be told, he has done some terrible things in his life, which by his own reasoning were necessary evils for a greater good. Oddly enough, he considers himself an apex predator and makes a living eating other predators for lunch. Make no mistake about it, he’s usually the most dangerous man in the room, if not the city. At the same time, he’s very decisive and aware of right and wrong. He’s been the first to stand up to bullies from the time he was a child… and simply never quit. He never saw law enforcement as an efficient way to deal with criminals, so he did not pursue it. By choice, he uses his power for mostly positive, productive things these days. That being said, when someone stands in his way, they may soon cease to exist.
This man has big plans for his life, he’s got big karmic debts to repay and nobody, I mean nobody, is going to stop him from balancing the scales. On paper, if the evidence existed to hold him accountable for every act he’s committed, he would be put behind bars with the key thrown away. However, this guy loves his country. He is known for charitable acts in his community. He has a soft spot for women, children, and family. He’s got tremendous respect for strength. He’s a real leader. By measure of “good” and “bad,” his good acts in one year outnumber what most “good” people will do in their entire lifetimes. He’s got real power. As a result, people are scared of him. They should be.
Today, he’s the most valuable person in America.
Today, he’s in a shopping mall, which is being taken over by terrorists who have already killed several people and threaten to kills hundreds, possibly thousands more.
It’s worth repeating… Today, he is the most valuable man in America.
No, Mr. Obama would not be useful under this attack. No, Mrs. Clinton could not protect all those men, women, and children. President elect Trump, well, he probably would not be useful in this situation either — however, some suspect he would at least try his best. A dozen trained policemen are useless against these terrorists because they’ve spent their careers writing tickets and hauling people off to the drunk tank. The armed security — trained to keep shoplifters in holding until the police arrive — are woefully unprepared, but they, and a few ex-military are in the mall as well. Security has called in the threat, but nobody seems to be doing anything to try to stop the terrorists. SWAT is too far away to save the day. People are going to die unnecessarily today — a lot of people.
The military-trained murderous thug of a man in the shopping mall, happens to be unarmed. This is very unfortunate. He looks for any weapons, and only sees a few armed security guards nearby, hunkered down in a corner. This man can already see it in each of the guard’s  eyes and body language —  they are scared. Rightfully so. None are sufficiently trained or mentally equipped to do what it takes to stop real terrorists — these are the “good guys,” most of them have never even drawn their weapon in the line of duty. Unfortunately, they are also not going to give up their guns to this anyone who asks, especially not to a scary, tattooed, murderous looking thug.
At this point, the guards’ lack of ability to act make them almost as dangerous as the terrorists. There’s no time left. This man, he’s going to have to hurt the guards, maybe even kill one or more of them to take their weapons and try to deal with the terrorists on his own. He suspects he has the best chance of any of them to stop the terrorists. There is no time to take a poll, he must act. Hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent lives are at stake.
Today, he’s the most valuable man in America.
Make no mistake; the domestic and foreign interests who will attempt to stop Mr. Trump from carrying out the will of the people… are terrorists. They use tactics of terrorists, commit terrorists acts, and use their power for evil, for their own predatory personal gain. To the ignorant masses who use the mainstream media as their information source, they think these are good people because the media makes them seem like good people. Still, these are bad people fed by the media they own. They are out for their own personal gain, at any cost. To take their power away to benefit the masses will require unthinkable acts, that, on the surface, will look like terrible terrible things only a murderous thug would attempt.
Unless he acts quickly, thousands of people could die in this mall. And it’s not just those people who need protecting. If these terrorists are successful, it sends a message to any would-be terrorists that it’s okay; Americans don’t have the stomach to do anything about them. Americans are ripe for the picking.
The enlightened individual hopefully sees a mostly good person using his incredible power and will to do what he must to carry out plans for the good of the country, benefit the people he’s sworn to serve, regardless of the risk to himself. Ignorance sees only a bully or a thug, and focuses on the acts he will have to commit, without recognizing the value of those acts.
Trump may find himself in the position where he has to do some harm for the greater good (i.e., to hurt a few to save many).
Mr. Trump, today, you may be the most valuable man in America, perhaps in the world. Do you have what it takes? If so, we have your back with the understanding that it isn’t always going to be pretty. Use your power for good. Do what it takes. Do not let us down. Everything is at stake.