MS-13, Pelosi and Impeachment, Oh My!

MS-13 Gang Members Indicted

Los Angeles is a little safer after 22 MS-13 gang members were arrested. The group was charged with federal racketeering, drug distribution and medieval-style murders. Out of the 22 people arrested, 19 are illegal immigrants who came to America in the past four years via Central America.

MS-13 has a brutally violent stranglehold over much of Central America. They also have a base in their previous home of Los Angeles (one of the primary sanctuary cities in the nation). These are the kinds of people sanctuary cities house and protect.

Way to show your patriotism, Democrats.

Pelosi’s Out-of-Order Remarks

The House of Representatives was going off the deep end last week. First, the Left cries that Nancy Pelosi is a racist, and now it’s Trump. Pelosi was apparently “speaking out of turn” because her dialogue apparently got “too personal.”

It’s extremely concerning when Liberals are controlling political agendas based on their feelings.

The House later determined that Pelosi wasn’t speaking out of line. It only took them a few wasted hours to come to this verdict. That’s how your tax dollars are being put to work: funding pointless political squabbles based in emotion.

Dishonest Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment to Congress

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has introduced his articles of impeachment against President Trump. This first step of the impeachment process was for the House to vote on it. No big surprise that they voted to kill it. Just another waste of the House’s time.

The Dems have actually done it. They think their newest political game will bear fruit, but they’re in for a rude awakening. That doesn’t change the reality of how out of touch the Left truly is.

Democrats will buy into whatever lies are most politically advantageous for them. Disgusting. Meanwhile, we Americans are wishing the Dems would stop wasting the money we pay them and consider doing something useful for a change.

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