MSM Changes More Than Its Tune

MSM Changes More Than Its Tune

( – It seemed like the Earth fell into an alternate universe for a short time. Some…truth-challenged…news services called out Senate Democrats who blocked a bill intended to provide additional funding of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Things snapped back to reality when four of them — CNN, NBC, Politico, and Bloomberg — all changed their headlines to make it seem more of a bipartisan roadblock.

In what might have been a true miracle in modern-day politics, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) brought a narrowly-tailored, one-subject $350 billion measure to the floor. The Dems blocked it, but not because they objected to anything in the bill. No, in true Progressive Liberal fashion they wanted to add some meat to it. Specifically, pork.

Liberals wanted to add another $250 billion to the bill for other things such as a 15% increase to SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) recipients. Without a doubt, the program is one of the important safety nets for people who fall on hard times. It’s a beneficial program — but, it’s not about small businesses.

They have no explanation as to why they would derail a vitally important bill that will help the very people they purport to fight for, nor do they say how Congress will pull back the extra payments for this program or the extra unemployment benefits they stuffed into the original stimulus package once the economy is back on track.

The better question might be are they going to walk them back when this is all over? And if they do, will the MSM even notice if they don’t?

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