MSNBC Contributor Launches Disparaging Attack Against Conservatives

MSNBC Contributor Launches Disparaging Attack Against Conservatives

( – On August 8, Ohio voters cast their ballots in a special election. Republicans in the state included a measure that would have made it harder to change the state Constitution. They wanted to raise the threshold to 60% of the vote, rather than its current simple majority.

The vote was largely seen as an effort to protect life in the state because it would have made it more difficult for voters to pass a November ballot initiative that seeks to amend the Constitution to allow abortion access. Voters turned out and defeated the GOP-backed measure. MSNBC’s show “Deadline” aired a segment about it ahead of the vote, and one of the network’s contributors verbally attacked Republicans.

Attack on MAGA

Dr. Jason Johnson claimed that every time a state like Ohio starts “eking towards blueness or purple,” the Republican lawmakers in the state “try to block people’s access to vote.” He claimed the gerrymandered legislatures try to change voting times and rules to prevent people from pushing through change.

Johnson claimed that the legislatures are successful sometimes, but when they are forcing votes on abortion or another wedge issue, “people get angry and […] turn out the vote.” Then the professor went too far, calling the GOP “a terrorist organization” that’s “called MAGA.” He went on to say the party got what it wanted when the Supreme Court overturned the federal right to an abortion, but instead of being happy about it, they wanted to go further by passing state laws. “Now they’ve angered a bunch of people,” he said.

Democrats Disparage MAGA Supporters

Johnson’s remarks weren’t the first time someone on the Left has attacked Republican lawmakers and voters over their support for the Make America Great Again movement. Failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton famously said some of former President Donald Trump’s supporters were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic.” She said they were a “basket of deplorables.”

In 2022, President Joe Biden said that “extreme MAGA Republicans” are a threat to Americans’ “personal and economic rights” and also accused them of embracing “political violence.” He called them a threat to democracy. That’s a stance many Democrats have taken in recent years while calling the GOP divisive.

In both cases, the high-profile Democrats were accused of dividing the nation at a time when it’s already incredibly polarized. During the 2004 keynote address at the Democratic Convention, then-Senator Barack Obama famously said that “there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America.” It appears some members of his party didn’t get the memo.

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