Mueller Testimony, ICE Arrests, and New Defense Secretary

Mueller’s Testimony Flack Backfires

The day that all of the dishonest Dems eagerly anticipated finally arrived — Mueller’s testimony in Congress.

Robert Mueller received a letter before the hearing telling him to stick to his already published report. He was told to focus on the Russia probe and the boundaries of that investigation. Of course, this caused many Democrats to complain that this was an attempt by the White House to hinder Mueller’s testimony. In their minds, the report is already full of lies, so why should Dems have any more leniency over this matter?

The thing is, the Democrats are wrong in their perception. Attorney General Bill Barr announced on Fox News that it was actually Robert Mueller’s team that asked the Justice Department to send the letter. The White House had nothing to do with this request.

Looks like the Dems are going to have to make up something else to blame the White House for.

Hundreds of Migrants Arrested

ICE was able to arrest 934 illegal immigrants during the past two months. The individuals were already warned to leave the country before the state took action. The illegals didn’t listen, so they were rightfully taken into custody.

While our streets are certainly safer thanks to these arrests, ICE was actually targeting 2,000 illegal immigrants. The warnings about raids allowed many people to go into hiding due to the interference of government officials in sanctuary cities. Illegals were told not to open their doors for ICE agents without a warrant.

Aiding and abetting criminals is against the law in most cases, so why shouldn’t officials standing in ICE’s way be held accountable?

Mark Esper Confirmed as Defense Secretary

President Trump’s Defense Secretary nominee, Mark Esper, was recently confirmed for the position. Esper received strong support from both sides of the floor with a vote of 90 to 8. The only person he received significant resistance from was Elizabeth Warren. Thankfully, Warren’s fellow Democrats realized that her arguments held no merit.

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