Mueller to Testify, Dem Wants War Tax and Trump’s Financial Records on Trial

Democrat Agenda Allowed to Continue

The Democrats are one step closer to accessing President Trump’s financial records.

A lawsuit backed by 200 Democrats accusing Trump of violating anti-corruption laws with his private business dealings now has the approval to continue. The Democrats claim that Trump received gifts and payments from foreign governments without the consent of Congress. While the judge’s ruling is a bit of a setback for Trump, he’s doesn’t appear to be bothered by the inquiries.

After all, none of the Left’s attempts have come to fruition. This one will surely fade away as well.

Mueller to Testify on July 17

The House Intelligence and Judiciary committees convinced Robert Mueller to testify, only after they issued him a subpoena. Even though the investigation is over, and he stated that the report was his testimony during his news conference last month, the Dems still want to hear it from him — again. He’s made it perfectly clear that he did not want to testify before Congress.

But will this subpoena backfire on Dems?

The American people have had enough of this and Dems need to get over it or their constituents will be running, not walking, away from the party in droves.

O’Rourke Wants Another Way to Tax Americans

Democratic Presidential nominee Beto O’Rourke wants Americans to pay a tax for war.

During a speech this week Beto said that, if he is elected president, he will impose a tax on American families without members in military service every time a new war starts. He also made it a point to specify that “the rich” will pay more than others. This isn’t surprising as all the Democratic nominees seem to think that taxing the rich can fix every single funding issue in our country.

When will these Lefties realize that taxing the American people (wealthy or not) isn’t a panacea to all of our problems?

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