Multiple Articles Pulled by USA Today Over Fake Sources

Multiple Articles Pulled by USA Today Over Fake Sources

Fake News CONFIRMED – Massive Deception Uncovered!

( – Over the last several decades, it’s become acceptable for reporters to share more of their personal views on issues, stories, and politics. Yet, standards for reporting haven’t changed in most journalistic circles. So, when reporters or an entire outlet deviates from those standards, there could be severe consequences.

In 2004, USA Today erupted in a massive scandal. The paper’s Pulitzer Prize finalist and correspondent, Jack Kelley, stood accused of journalistic malpractice. Claims that he made up fake stories and plagiarized other reporters’ work were among the accusations. The star foreign correspondent resigned in disgrace. Now, it appears another USA Today scandal has erupted, forcing the paper to take severe corrective actions.

USA Today Removes 23 Stories Over Made-Up Sources and Fake Articles

On Thursday, June 16, USA Today published an article acknowledging a severe breakdown of journalistic standards and processes and laid out how the paper will prevent the breach of trust with the public from happening again. The media organization conducted an outside audit of articles written by breaking news reporter Gabriela Miranda. It revealed that Miranda quoted people not affiliated with organizations she claimed they represented and that she likely fabricated them.

The USA Today published a list of 23 articles Miranda wrote. It has since removed them from its website and other platforms, saying they didn’t meet editorial standards. The outlet said it strives for accuracy and factualness in all published materials and regretted what happened. To strengthen reporting and editing standards, USA Today said it would implement the following:

  • Improve upon existing processes to make it easier for people to lodge complaints or request corrections to inaccurate reporting.
  • Make sure to identify all sources correctly.
  • Ensure reporters do due diligence to verify their source’s information.
  • Make it a policy to give institutions mentioned in stories an opportunity to respond or make a statement.
  • Create heightened scrutiny for unknown sources on digital communication platforms such as email or social media.
  • Fortify standards to ensure the paper credits the proper media outlets for their work.

Miranda Attempts To Cover Her Tracks

On Thursday, a USA Today insider told the New York Times the paper held an internal meeting with employees. The long-time media outlet presented more behind-the-scenes information. It noted the breaking news reporter attempted to deceive auditors by offering them false information about her news gathering.

In light of the audit, Miranda recently resigned from USA Today. She previously had a personal website, but it’s no longer online.

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