Multiple Bodies Found Lead To Concern of a Serial Killer

Multiple Bodies Found Lead To Concern of a Serial Killer

( – Whenever there are multiple suspicious deaths in one area, there is a concern there might be a serial killer operating. The idea isn’t so crazy. After all, the United States has had its fair share of murderers who take the lives of multiple people. There are some who believe one such homicidal maniac is operating in the Chicago area.

Windy City Killer?

On February 8, a 911 call led the Chicago Police Marine Unit to a body floating in the Chicago River. When the first responders arrived on the scene, they found an unidentified man floating in the water.

The recovery was the latest in a string of men found floating in bodies of water in the Chicago area for a year or more.

Just a week before, on January 29, the body of an adult man was pulled from Lake Michigan near the Chicago Museum Campus. On December 21, 25-year-old Peter Salvino, a doctoral student, was removed from the water. Weeks before that, on December 7, the body of 21-year-old Krzysztof Szubert was also found in the lake, as well.

In May, police identified the remains of 31-year-old Eden De La O in the South Branch of the same river the month before. He went missing in April 2022 from Brighton Park. The cause of death was not determined.

Those are just a few of the cases that have people fearing the presence of a serial killer. Law enforcement has not indicated they believe one person is responsible for all of the bodies. In fact, the police have not even said whether the men were murdered. That hasn’t stopped the speculation from running rampant online.

Not the Only One

The most recent speculation about a serial killer targeting men isn’t the only mystery in the Windy City. Some people believe another murderer has been targeting women in the city for decades.

The Chicago Strangler is a name given to a possible serial killer who allegedly operated in the South and West sides of the city from roughly 1999 to 2018. At least 50 women were killed in a similar fashion over two decades. Most of the victims were reportedly black women. Almost half of them had a history of being involved in sex work.

All That’s Interesting reported some of the victims suffered beatings and were raped. Others had bags tied over their heads, some were bound, some gagged and almost all of them were stripped of clothing. Police have denied the murders are the actions of one person.

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