Multiple Rocket Attacks Reported

Multiple Rocket Attacks Reported

( – The conflict between Israel and Palestine has raged for decades as the two countries are locked in a dispute over territory. Periodically, violence flares up, as it did recently, and multiple rocket attacks were reported.

On Tuesday, May 9, Israel launched airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, killing three Islamic Jihad commanders, Jahed Ahnam, Khalil Bahitini, and Tarek Az Aldin. All three men allegedly served in the terrorist organization that has carried out attacks against Israel.

According to the Israeli military, Palestinian militants fired at least 400 rockets into Israel on Wednesday. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly hit more than 100 targets in Gaza the same day, including rocket launching sites, and killed militants. The next day, more rocket attacks killed two more top commanders. According to reports, Ali Ghali and his deputy Ahmad Abu Daqqa were killed on Thursday.

The Israeli military blamed Ghali and Daqqa for previous rocket attacks on Israel, and the Islamic Jihad responded to the deaths of the two men by vowing to retaliate. A Palestinian rocket later killed a 70-year-old man in Israel, the first casualty in the country. In total, 35 people, including women and children, died in the conflict. Palestine criticized the Israelis for the civilian deaths. The military acknowledged the casualties but blamed it on the terrorists, who hide in highly-populated areas.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned the terrorists that his military would “reach” any of its enemies, no matter where they try to hide.

On Saturday, May 13, Egyptian negotiators managed to broker a cease-fire between Israel and the terrorist organization. The agreement reportedly came without any conditions. On Sunday, the cease-fire largely remained in place, but there were reports that rocket fire was launched from Palestine into Israel. The terrorist organization did not claim responsibility for the attack.

Around 1,400 rockets were fired from Palestine into Israel during the five-day conflict. Most of them were stopped by the Iron Dome, the country’s missile defense system. IDF estimates it launched strikes on about 400 targets.

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