Mummies Found With Mysterious Golden Tongues

Mummies Found WIth Mysterious Golden Tongues

( – Archeologists investigating three Egyptian mummies got a surprise when they examined the bodies – their tongues were wrapped in gold. They’re not the first mummies found with this feature, but it’s very rare.

On December 9, archeologists from the University of Barcelona in Spain announced they had found three mummies with their tongues wrapped in gold foil. The mummies were buried in neighboring 2,500-year-old tombs in the Al-Bahnasa region of Egypt, outside the city of Oxyrhynchus. This was a district capital in ancient Egypt and is now one of the country’s most important archeological sites.

Two of the mummies – a woman and a 3-year-old boy – were found in one tomb that had been raided by grave robbers; the third, a man, was in a pristine tomb. The mouths of all three contained “tongues” made of gold foil. Archeologists believe mummies were given these tongues so they would be able to speak to the gods in the afterlife.

The first golden-tongued mummy was found in Alexandria in September 2021, and one of two rival theories was the deceased might have had a speech impediment. Now, with three more golden tongues found, researchers think the idea of talking to the gods is more likely. Unfortunately, while the mummies might be able to talk to the gods, they’re not giving the archeologists any answers.

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