Murder Victim’s Family Hires Attorney As Relationship With Police Sours

Murder Victim's Family Hires Attorney As Relationship With Police Sours

( – In mid-November, someone snuck into the home of multiple college students in Moscow, Idaho, and murdered four of them in their sleep. Four weeks later, police and investigators have provided victims’ families with little information and haven’t publicly identified a suspect. One father is particularly upset with how law enforcement is working the case and has gone so far as to hire an attorney and a private detective.

On Tuesday, December 13, Fox News first reported that Steve Goncalves, the father of murder victim Kaylee Goncalves, 21, retained Shanon Gray of Gray Law Criminal Defense to work on his family’s behalf. In an exclusive interview with the conservative news network, Goncalves emphasized that the police now speak directly to his attorney rather than him.

Goncalves hopes the presence of a lawyer will pressure police to provide families with more information about the investigation and ensure they’re doing their work thoroughly. The grieving parent is also paying a private investigator, who worked as a police officer for 50 years, to try and find his daughter’s killer.

Goncalves has spoken with Fox News about his belief the killer is a “sadistic male” after he learned details of the four murders from the coroner who performed their autopsies. While police have not found the murder weapon yet, they believe it’s a fixed-blade knife that the assailant wielded with great force to produce the gaping wounds found on the victims.

The town of Moscow and the families of these slain college students are still seeking answers before they can hope to find closure from this horrific crime.

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