Murderer Executed for Ghastly Crime

Heartless Murderer Executed for Ghastly Crime

( – Alexandra Flores should be in her late twenties, starting her career and life after college. Sadly, she never made it out of elementary school. Texas has now executed the man who cut her life short.

On November 16, 53-year-old David Renteria was put to death in Texas. This was the eighth time the state carried out capital punishment this year. Renteria killed Flores, a 5-year-old, just months after the terrorist attacks that shook the world.

On November 18, 2001, Flores was out Christmas shopping with her mom and dad when Renteria, a registered sex offender, kidnapped her from a Walmart store. He hit her twice in the head and strangled the little girl before lighting her body on fire. The next day, authorities found her corpse in an alley about 16 miles away. At the trial, authorities revealed blood found in the defendant’s matched DNA belonging to the slain child.

In 2006, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed Renteria’s death sentence. The judges determined prosecutors provided misleading evidence that alleged the defendant was not sorry for murdering the little girl. In 2008, he was resentenced to death again.

Before he died, Renteria told Flores’ family that he thinks about what he did every day. He said he hoped that they find peace and claimed he understood the pain they were going through. He begged for forgiveness for the wrongs he’d done in his life.

After watching Renteria’s execution, Flores’ older sister, Sandra Frausto, spoke to her sister, saying she’d been “robbed of what would have been a beautiful life” 22 years ago, but now she can finally be at peace. Frausto described her little sister as having a “contagious laugh, [a] perfect smile, and [a] mischievous but sweet” personality that lives on in the hearts of those who loved her.

That family is now closing the chapter on Renteria because they know he will never see the light of day again.

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