Mystery Surrounds the Nature of Oil Tanker Strikes

Conflicting evidence and testimonies are making it difficult to determine exactly what happened to the Kokura Courageous and Front Altair barges.

The US Military has a video showing Iranian boats and personnel removing SOMETHING from the side of a tanker Thursday night. It’s unclear what they removed, but US experts believe it’s an unexploded mine. Additionally, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners says the ships were hit at or below the waterline.

On the flipside, Yutaka Katada, President of Kokuka Sangyo Marine, claims that a mine explosion is out of the question. One of the crew members recounted seeing a flying object headed towards their ship. Photos show damage well above the waterline on one of the ships.

It’s unclear what exactly is happening. Whatever is truly going on, the attacks were carried out by trained professionals. The damage was below the water near engines to prevent the ship from sinking or spilling cargo.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as this event unfolds.