Nancy Pelosi Has Reportedly Agreed to Restart Stimulus Talks

Nancy Pelosi Has Reportedly Agreed to Restart Stimulus Talks

( – After partisan disagreement derailed previous talks on a COVID-19 stimulus package, it appears Democrats and Republicans might just be ready to return to the table.

In fact, according to reports, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have already spoken on the subject.

While speaking to the Senate Banking Committee, Mnuchin referred to discussions he had undertaken with Pelosi regarding the CARES Act. On Thursday, September 25, Pelosi told reporters she was optimistic about a return to negotiations soon. This is important news for those hit hardest by the pandemic, particularly small businesses.

While there is cross-party support for a stimulus bill, Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided on certain important elements. Mnuchin and Pelosi appear to be able to work together productively, however, having reached an agreement on government funding earlier this week.

Cooperation between Republicans and Democrats is rare nowadays. The fact Mnuchin and Pelosi have teamed up on this initiative speaks to the seriousness of the issues at hand. Political preferences aside, almost everyone can agree on the necessity for a further stimulus package as soon as possible.

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