Nancy Pelosi Hosts Super-Spreader Event Despite Pushing Lockdowns

Nancy Pelosi Hosts Super-Spreader Event Despite Pushing Lockdowns

( – Democrats have spent more than a year criticizing Republicans and their handling of COVID-19 regulations. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been one of the most critical voices on the Left, even imposing draconian restrictions on lawmakers. She claimed her mask mandates and other measures are to keep members of Congress safe. That makes a recent video of one of her fundraising events incredibly ironic.

On August 22, Pelosi attended a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) donor retreat in Napa Valley to raise money for House Dems. Video of the event circulated showing the Speaker addressing a crowd of people — while unmasked. That’s not all though. The recording showed the other attendees sitting shoulder-to-shoulder without masks.

The video is alarming considering Pelosi’s rules in the House. The Capitol Police recently announced they might arrest lawmakers who weren’t complying with the mask order in the lower chamber under the guise that it was necessary to ensure safety. Republicans decried the strict mandate and multiple conservative lawmakers have received fines for not putting masks on while at work.

So, while the Speaker enforces the strict mandates in Congress, she spends her off time partying with unmasked people who want to give Democrats money. If it’s not safe for Conservatives in Congress to go without masks, why is it safe for her to do it?

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