Nancy Pelosi Looking to Women to Push Biden Agenda

Nancy Pelosi Looking to Women to Push Biden Agenda

( – It seems that nobody is safe from the Democrats’ desire to push their agenda. This time, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to stoop to a new low, pushing women to the forefront — but not in a good way.

During a recent interview, Pelosi highlighted President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, but she put quite the controversial spin on it, saying, “if we’re going to build back better, we have to build back better with women.” It sounds empowering, right? That is until she continues and essentially doles out a list of prerequisites women need to return to the workforce, like more money for child care, family leave and expanded child tax credits. For the most part, these measures are already in place with employers across the country, but the Dems want more.

What Is Build Back Better?

Build Back Better is part of the Biden Administration’s plan to boost the economy after the havoc COVID-19 wreaked on it. The initiative consists of three plans:

  • American Rescue Plan
  • American Jobs Plan
  • American Families Plan

While the initiative sounds good in theory — after all, who doesn’t want more jobs, more money and opportunities — it’s disastrous on paper. Even in a robust economy, the price tag of these plans, nearly a whopping $7 trillion, would give pause for concern, let alone at a time when the economy is suffering, and inflation is at a 29-year high.

Pelosi Misses the Mark — Again

The Left wants us all to believe the infrastructure plan is the solution to all of the problems plaguing the US right now. They say, as Pelosi did, that women need these measures to return to the workforce, particularly those with children. Unfortunately for them, a long-term White House ally, Jason Furman, blew up this narrative.

According to his economic analysis, unemployment rates are higher among women without children. Not only that, he outright says, “school closures and lack of child care are not holding back the recovery.” So, what gives?

When you break it down, the only real effect that the Build Back Better plan will have, at least in the interim, is increased spending and taxes — the money to fund these plans has to come from somewhere, after all. When Americans — and the economy — are already struggling with the aftermath of the pandemic, more spending is clearly not the answer, and neither is using women to push the false narrative.

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