Nancy Pelosi Resorts to Begging for Applause

Nancy Pelosi Resorts to Begging for Applause

( – For the first half of the Biden administration, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was the most powerful woman in US politics. As the first female House Speaker, she wielded immense influence, and she was never shy about using it to boost either the president’s liberal agenda or her own position and wealth. Since last year’s midterm elections, her star has fallen, though. Now she can’t even get applause without asking for it.

On August 16, Pelosi was at the White House to mark the first anniversary of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, the vast green spending bill that became law last year. She spoke about the significance of the legislation, claiming it was vital to save the planet and that the US had “a moral obligation” to invest in green technology.

Pelosi seemingly likes the sound of her own voice, but it seems others weren’t so impressed. Pausing after thanking Biden for his “unifying” leadership, she clearly didn’t get the response she was looking for; she told her audience, “I think that’s an applause line,” and waited for them to clap. Later in her speech, she did the same again when, once more, her words didn’t get the approval she thought they deserved.

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has had to ask for applause. Last September, when Biden held an event on the White House lawn to celebrate the passage of his spending bill, Pelosi — then still Speaker — was one of those lined up to praise the legislation. She didn’t get applause then either and used the same “applause line” comment to motivate her audience.

The question is, why does she bother doing this? Having to ask for applause makes it worthless when it finally arrives and leaves Pelosi open to ridicule. For example, Fox News personality Joe Concha was quick to jump on the embarrassing incident. He commented that “it doesn’t play well” and slammed Pelosi for celebrating a spending bill when Americans are still suffering from the inflation it was supposed to reduce.

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