National Guard Subjected to More Terrible Treatment in Capitol

National Guard Subjected to More Terrible Treatment in Capitol

( – In January, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle expressed outrage at the news that members of the National Guard were forced to take naps in a parking garage in Washington, DC. The troops also reportedly only had one bathroom and only one electrical outlet for 5,000 of them. Now, the conditions the soldiers are being subjected to are once again in the news, but this time it has to do with their food.

A whistleblower contacted Detroit’s ABC 7 on March 1 to share the horrors of the food the troops have been eating. The individual, who claimed to be a staff sergeant with the Michigan National Guard, said 74 meals were thrown out after undercooked meat and metal shavings were discovered. Some of the troops got sick and ended up in the hospital.

Michigan officials are now working with the federal government to investigate the problem. In the meantime, troops are eating MREs while in the US Capitol. It’s as if they’re on an overseas deployment.

In February, House Republicans demanded to know why troops are still in the Capitol nearly two months after the January 6 incident. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has said it’s time to send the National Guard home, and after the latest news, it’s hard to make excuses to leave them there.

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