Native American Tribe Accuses Biden Administration of Direct Attack

Native American Tribe Accuses Biden of Direct Attack With New Order

( – It took a whole day for President Biden’s administration to start offending Native Americans. An order issued by Biden’s acting Secretary of the Interior, part of his economy-destroying green crackdown, is being taken as a “direct attack” by the Ute Indian tribe.

On January 21, Scott de la Vega, who’s holding the Interior portfolio until official nominee Deb Haaland can make it past a Senate confirmation, issued Secretarial Order 3395. This suspends new approvals for leases and permits on federal land, which includes Indian reservations – and it’s aimed squarely at energy companies. While the administration says it’s just a restriction on new developments for 60 days and won’t affect oil and gas operations that have already begun, the Utes say its effects will drag on for months.

In a furious letter from the tribe’s business committee, chairman Luke Duncan accused the administration of “a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination,” adding “Indian lands are not federal public lands.”

Biden might be willing to skirt the law to ram through his green plans, but the rightful owners of Indian land aren’t taking it lying down.

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