NATO Next? Rubio Sounds The Alarm!

Marco Rubio Fears Russian Attack Against NATO

Marco Rubio Fears Russian Attack Against NATO

( – By all measures, Russia’s war on its neighbor isn’t going very well. When President Vladimir Putin began building up troops along the border and eventually invaded Ukraine, many military experts believed the conflict would end relatively quickly. That didn’t pan out. Now, the authoritarian leader is aggressively trying to annex the region and making threats of nuclear war. That deeply concerns one US senator.

Current Situation

For more than seven months, Russia has desperately tried to take control of Ukraine, losing as many as 80,000 troops to injury or death. At one point, the invading nation succeeded in taking control of much of the Donbas region. The Ukrainian government launched a massive blitz in September, allowing them to regain control of some areas in the region.

Putin’s troops began withdrawing from Lyman just one day after he claimed he was annexing the territory. Reports claimed the Ukrainian military’s win proves Russia’s grip on the Donbas region is anything but certain. The invading force retreated and likely set up in the Svatove area, but experts believe Ukraine has no intention of stopping its push forward to reclaim the area.

The news comes as the US and Europe continue to provide billions of dollars in military aid to the Ukrainian military. The advanced equipment they received from their western allies made their wins on the battlefield possible. That support has angered Putin, who has made threats of nuclear war. While he hasn’t made any blatant remarks about invading NATO countries, the danger is still very much a concern.

Senator On Edge

On October 2, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and discussed the war. Newsmax reported the lawmaker said his “biggest fear” is that Putin will order an attack on a NATO country. According to the senator’s explanation, if the Russian leader believes the alliance’s provision of weapons to Ukraine is “causing him not to just lose his war […] but perhaps threatening his own forces inside of Russia,” then he thinks Putin could attack places distributing the weapons.

The Florida senator added he doesn’t think Putin has any shot at winning the war or achieving the objectives he set. That has led to concerns the authoritarian might become unpredictable. Rubio said he’s particularly concerned about Russia attacking Poland’s airport or some other place inside of NATO. If that were to happen, the West would have no choice but to strike back.

Are you concerned Putin might escalate?

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