Naval Board Clears Veteran Officer Who Refused COVID Vaccine

Naval Board Clears Veteran Officer Who Refused COVID Vaccine

U.S. Navy Officer Openly Defied Biden’s Insane Mandate – Now He’s Vindicated

( – The COVID pandemic gave us many examples of authoritarianism, but one of the worst was the attempt to force a vaccine mandate on the US military. The government threatened committed officers and troops with disciplinary action or even separation for refusing vaccines. Now, the US Navy has hit back against that policy.

Lieutenant Bill Moseley has spent 22 years in the US Navy. After 14 years as a sailor, he obtained his commission in 2014 and plans to serve until mandatory retirement at the 30-year point. The Biden administration’s attempt to force vaccinations on service personnel threatened that noble ambition.

LT Moseley holds religious objections to the COVID vaccines, which used fetal stem cells in the development process. He intended to apply for a religious exemption until he heard that the military had adopted a blanket policy of declining these requests; instead, he simply refused the vaccine. As a result, his superior officers charged him under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) with failure to obey an order. They told him he would face separation from the service, which would have stripped him of his pension benefits.

Unwilling to give in so easily, Moseley contested the decision, and on May 20, a Navy disciplinary board upheld his challenge. The board of three officers ruled that the lieutenant did not commit misconduct by refusing the vaccine and ruled the US Navy should retain him. Thousands more military members still face the threat of disciplinary action, which hangs over them, but this case shows how the military is now leaning.

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