New Constitutional Amendment Proposed To Target Gun Rights

New Constitutional Amendment Proposed To Target Gun Rights

( – The US Constitution is often called a “living document” because lawmakers are able to revise it when they believe it’s necessary. Throughout American history, legislators have amended the Constitution 27 times. That hasn’t happened since 1992, when the 27th Amendment was ratified. Interestingly, the process for that amendment had actually begun 202 years before, breaking the record for the longest ratification period.

California’s Liberal governor now wants to make a new change to the Constitution. But his proposal will likely not make supporters of gun rights very happy.

The Proposal

On June 8, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced he proposed the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. According to a press release, the proposal would enshrine gun control measures that people on all sides of the political spectrum have supported. Those safety regulations include an assault weapon prohibition, a waiting period for firearms, universal background checks, and raising the purchase age for firearms to 21.

Newsom said the ability of the US to “make a more perfect union is literally written into our Constitution.” For that reason, he said he was proposing the amendment, being sure to leave the Second Amendment intact and unchanged. He said he wanted to respect tradition.

The Process to Amend the Constitution

In order to get the amendment ratified, 33 other states, in addition to California, would have to convene a convention and propose the 28th Amendment. The announcement states The Golden State would be the first to convene one of the conventions necessary to make changes. State Senator Aisha Wahab (D) called the governor “[a] man of action” who she believes “has the backbone to actually do something about the gun fetish culture” in the US.

Newsom is reportedly going to “work with grassroots supporters, elected and civic leaders, and broad and diverse coalitions across the” country to convince other states to take similar action.


Erich Pratt, the senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, released a statement to Fox News, saying that activists have always warned about the “abolishment of the Second Amendment.” He said that Newsom’s proposal openly admits that’s what he wants to do. Pratt went on to say his organization will continue to “protect and restore” gun rights for all Americans.

Newsom’s amendment would not abolish the Second Amendment, but it would create barriers for those who wanted to purchase firearms legally.

The National Rifle Association also responded to the proposal, calling it a “publicity stunt” that demonstrates Newsom’s “unhinged contempt for the right to self-defense has no bounds.” The organization also pointed out that California is not the safest place in the country and said the governor has “champion[ed] the criminal[s] and penalize[d] the law-abiding.”

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