New Coronavirus Strain Could Be On It’s Way to Us

New Coronavirus Strain Could Be on It's Way to US

( – One of the reasons viruses are so resilient is their ability to mutate. That’s exactly what happened to COVID-19 and a new strain of the coronavirus could potentially be on its way to America.

During a Sunday, December 20, interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” former FDA Director Dr. Scott Gottlieb discussed the new coronavirus strain identified in Europe. The health expert said the new strain seems to be “more contagious.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s more lethal. In fact, he thinks it probably isn’t but experts still “don’t fully understand its contours.”

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams also spoke to “Face the Nation.”

Adams answered the question on everyone’s minds, “Would it stop the vaccinate push?” He said it isn’t going to slow down the vaccination and there’s no proof this new strain is “more dangerous or deadly” than the other strains of the virus. It’s simply doing what viruses do and more information is necessary to make a determination.

Looks like we wait and see.

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