New Criteria for New Hampshire Debate

New Criteria for New Hampshire Debate

( – The next presidential debate takes place on February 7th in New Hampshire, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has announced its new criteria for candidates.

In order for candidates to qualify, they must receive donations from 225,000 individual people and poll at 5% or higher in four national polls or polls of voters in Nevada, New Hampshire or South Carolina. They can qualify without the national polls if they poll at 7% or higher in two single-state polls of those listed above.

The DNC has also added a new option — the Delegate threshold. If a candidate has been allocated at least a single pledged delegate in the Iowa caucuses held before the debate, they’ll qualify to participate. This could allow candidates such as Andrew Yang, who failed to meet the qualifications for the last debate, a chance at getting on the stage again.

Another candidate who could benefit from the new rule is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has decided to self-fund his campaign, which means he won’t qualify for next month’s debate. If he’s able to win a delegate in Iowa, that could change.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on who you’ll see on the stage and who gets left behind as the debate gets closer.

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