New Data Shows Surge in Police Officer Deaths

New Data Shows Surge in Police Officer Deaths

( – Those on the Left decided a long time ago to make police officers the scapegoats for many of the problems in the US. They flood the streets to demonstrate against officers, push for departments to lose funding, and criticize them in the national news. As a result, cities and cops are less safe. A recent revelation about officer deaths this year could show just how unsafe the hostile environment is becoming for them.

According to the FBI, police officer deaths have increased 39% so far in 2021. Since May, at least 29 cops have lost their lives.

The Officer Down Memorial Page shows there have been 154 line of duty deaths this year. That number includes all deaths, not just those caused by violent suspects. The reasons are as follows:

  • Assault: 4
  • Car or motorcycle accident: 13
  • 9/11 related illness: 1
  • COVID-19: 72
  • Gunfire: 28
  • Drowned: 2
  • Heart attack: 7
  • Stabbed: 2
  • Duty related illness: 2
  • Vehicular assault: 12
  • Training accident: 1
  • Struck by car: 10

In May, FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed his thanks for the officers who serve their country day in and day out. He said it was one of the deadliest years for police and “2021 is looking grim too.”

While these brave men and women risk their lives, the Left continues to demonize them and talk about defunding them. It’s terrible to witness.

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