New Gender Coming to A Birth Certificate Near You

New Gender Coming to A Birth Certificate Near You
New Gender Coming to A Birth Certificate Near You

Imagine walking in to get your driver’s license renewed only to be asked if you would like to be referred to as an “x.” That’s exactly what a recent legislation change in New York not only allows for, but recommends. Last month, The New York City Council made the utterly nonsensical move to allow genderless identity markers on birth certificates. Instead, gender-nonsubscribers will be labeled simply as “x.”
Let’s be honest: giving residents the option to opt out of being male or female altogether is a bit ridiculous. Our feelings on transgender people and LGBTQ people aside, doesn’t writing off the notion of gender altogether defeat the purpose of having a birth certificate to identify you in the first place?

Key Facts

• Council speaker Cory Johnson disagrees. In a statement shortly after the law was officially passed into legislation, he said the move makes “New York birth certificates more inclusive” and suggested it “sends a powerful signal to the world that New York City government works for everyone.”
• But here’s where things get weird (because they weren’t weird enough already, apparently). The whole idea of “gender fluidity” stems from the very Democrat, far-left idea that people can exist between the spectrum. They believe you can be born not male, nor female, but nothing at all, which totally defies logic, science, medicine and genetics.
• It is possible for someone to be neither completely male nor completely female, but only if they suffer from a handful of extremely rare conditions that lead to hermaphroditism, now known as “Intersex.” Due to a variety of genetic influences, sometimes people are born with ambiguous or even two sets of genitals, making sex and gender harder to identify.
• But that isn’t the same thing as what New York just approved. Instead, it allows transgender or “gender-fluid” New Yorkers to submit a doctor’s note and totally opt for the “x” instead of male or female designation. Having a genetic health condition and wanting to be honored for being a snowflake are very different.
• Here at United Voice, we would argue that you can’t simply opt to be gender free — especially when it comes to legal identification. Call yourself whatever you want; just don’t confuse emergency responders, police, and government agencies when it comes to figuring just who the hell you really are.
• Councilman Robert Holden was one of the first to not only vote against it before it passed, but also to point out the potential for an insane amount of abuse. “Just having anyone….say they’re another gender or ‘X’; that could lead to abuse and all sorts of problems,” he told the New York Post, suggesting that there needs to be more oversight. “How does ‘X’ describe a person? Don’t we have to have some standards and order?”
• Holden makes a good point. This isn’t about social standards, acceptance, or even changing the stigma of being Intersex. It’s about legal forms of identification — the last method aside from DNA and fingerprints we have to ensure someone really is who they say they are.
• What could go wrong? For one thing, men masquerading as “gender-fluid” could be permitted into women-only spaces. Women may be permitted to seek special funding and programming normally held for men. And when it comes to seeking healthcare, critical male and female health issues might be overlooked.
• Think about it this way: What happens if a man seeks care for pelvic pain, yet doctors have no idea he has a prostate and overlook a deadly cancer? What if a “gender-fluid” woman shows up with stomach pain, only to be sent home to die from an ectopic pregnancy that was never identified? You can be sure the left will sue just as fast as they can to “thank” New York for their flexibility.
• Unfortunately, New York isn’t the first state to take this asinine approach. Oregon, California, Washington, and New Jersey all allow people to dictate what their legal IDs say, too.