New Ghost Gun Laws Go Into Effect Despite Opposition

New Ghost Gun Laws Go Into Effect Despite Opposition

ATF Confirms CONTROVERSIAL Changes – It’s Done!

( – New gun bans forced through by the Biden administration have now gone into effect after courts rejected the last legal challenges. Going forward, even if you build a gun, it must include a government-approved serial number. Gun rights organizations condemned the new law, but the feds aren’t listening.

In April, the Biden administration announced new restrictions on so-called “ghost guns,” firearms built from parts kits on a frame or receiver the owner has either 3D-printed or machined from an unfinished metal blank. The government says these guns, which are hard to trace because they don’t carry a serial number, are showing up more often at crime scenes.

To counter the problem, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) proposed new rules to force anyone who makes a frame or receiver to engrave a serial number on it and mandate background checks for buyers of parts kits.

The proposal was quickly slammed by pro-Second Amendment groups, with the National Rifle Association calling it “hollow” and “insincere,” but Biden has pushed ahead with it. On August 23, a federal judge in North Dakota rejected the last legal challenge, a request for injunctive relief that would have blocked enforcement of the rules. The next day, the ATF confirmed that the rules took effect, and the government now regulates self-manufactured guns.

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