New Red Flag Law Signed

New Red Flag Law Signed

( – Red flag laws are a source of controversy around the country. Many believe they infringe on the Second Amendment. Michigan recently passed two bills, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed them into law. Afterward, the state’s top prosecutor threatened law enforcement officials.

On Monday, May 22, Whitmer signed Senate Bill 83, allowing individuals to apply for extreme risk protection orders with the circuit court if they have evidence showing a gun owner is a danger to themselves or others. If a judge approves the petition, the court can temporarily take away an individual’s firearms. The judge has 24 hours to make the decision to grant or deny the protection order after a petition is filed. They then have 14 days to set a hearing to allow the individual to prove they aren’t a risk. If they can’t, the standard order keeping them from owning guns would last a year.

Whitmer also signed House Bill 4146 into law, which bars individuals subject to an extreme risk protection order from obtaining a license to carry a concealed weapon. The governor posted a photo of the signing ceremony on Twitter afterward. She said, “The time for only thoughts and prayers is over.” The Democrat went on to say they needed to act to keep citizens safe, saying there were many times when someone “knew a mass shooter expressed concern in advance.” She claims the new law will give authorities a “mechanism to step in and save lives.”

Dana Nessel, the Michigan attorney general, issued a statement at the signing and threatened law enforcement officials. She spoke directly to cops who have said they don’t want to enforce the laws, saying, “I will make certain that I find someone with jurisdiction who will enforce these orders” if they choose not to.

Several local sheriffs have told the press that they have no intention of enforcing any gun law that they believe violates the Constitution.

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