New SCAM Discovery – Warning Issued!

BBB Warns of USPS Text Message Scam

Better Business Bureau Warns of USPS Text Message Scam

( – In the technological age, scams are a common problem that people have to grapple with regularly. Phishing schemes are especially common. The Southwest Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (SWBBB) recently warned residents of a new plot by bad actors.

According to reports, 14 people told the SWBBB about a scam that asked people to pay a $3 fee. They received text messages from someone pretending to be the US Postal Service claiming they needed help delivering a package. One of the scheme’s intended victims, Ann Soderman, told NBC 15 that she almost fell for it and paid the fee because she’d had issues with deliveries.

Tiffany Schultz, the regional director of the BBB, told the news outlet nobody is “immune to being targeted by a scammer,” so everyone needs to pay attention. She explained the Christmas season is a particularly busy time for people who want to take advantage of others.

There are a few ways everyone can avoid falling victim to a scam. Don’t ever open an attachment in an email or text message from an unknown sender. Also, it’s important to protect phones and computers by updating them when necessary and installing security software.

If you believe you’ve fallen victim or become a target of a phishing scam, contact the BBB and the FTC at

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